Tree Replacement

Oak tree with sun shining through leaves

Home > Our Programs > Other Tree Replacement Harrisonburg Electric Commission offers a “Tree Replacement Program” to all qualifying customers within the City of Harrisonburg. In order to qualify for replacement, a tree must be under or in the vicinity of our high voltage lines, be a tree that we have trimmed in the past,…

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Security Lighting

cobra head security lighting

Home > Our Programs > Other Security Lighting Harrisonburg Electric Commission offers its customers the security of additional lighting installed on their property that automatically comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn. Customers are also given the choice of having wood poles or fiberglass colonial-style poles when additional lighting is installed. The wood…

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Landlord/Rental Property

row of townhouses in suburban neighborhood

Home > Our Programs > Other Landlord/Rental Property The Landlord Program is designed for owners and/or managers with rental property. Participation in this program will ensure service is always available at your rental unit without the need to call or visit our office each time a tenant vacates. To participate, you will need to complete…

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Energy Share

coins stacked on top of each other

Home > Our Programs > Other Energy Share The Energy Share Program is designed to assist those in need with paying their heating bills. We offer two options for customers wishing to make donations to this program. The first option is to determine a set “Contribution” amount that you would like to be billed monthly…

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Energy Audits & Weatherization

applying weatherstripping to window

Home > Our Programs > Other Energy Audits & Weatherization Home Energy Audit An energy audit is a home inspection used to identify ways of conserving energy and increasing comfort. The audit consists of an in home visual inspection to identify ways of conserving energy and increasing comfort. The assessment includes an inspection using a…

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Energy Save & Earn Rebate

fridge on grey background

Home > Our Programs > Other Energy Save & Earn Rebate How To Participate In order to participate in the Harrisonburg Electric Commission (HEC) Energy Save & Earn Program, the applicant is required to complete the Rebate Application and submit it with adequate supporting documentation. Rebates are available to all customers that receive residential electric…

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