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Tree Replacement

Harrisonburg Electric Commission offers a “Tree Replacement Program” to all qualifying customers within the City of Harrisonburg.

In order to qualify for replacement, a tree must be under or in the vicinity of our high voltage lines, be a tree that we have trimmed in the past, or be a tree that currently presents a threat to our facilities. Trees in the vicinity of service wires coming to a home do not qualify for replacement.

Under this program, HEC will remove the qualifying tree(s), grind all stumps that are left behind, and provide the property owner with a certificate equivalent to $50.00 per tree removed. The certificate can be redeemed at a variety of nurseries in the area.

Property owners are responsible for purchasing, planting, and maintaining all replacement trees. If the planting location is in the vicinity of our overhead lines, we require that the replacement trees be low-growing and/or flowering varieties. However, if the location is significantly far away from our lines, we encourage the planting of larger shade trees that offer many environmental benefits to our community.

Prior to removing any tree, we require written permission via a form that must be signed by the property owner. Tenants of rental properties must have the owner’s signature prior to any tree removal.


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