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Green Energy That’s Community-Powered

For over 60 years, HEC has provided customers with reliable energy at low rates, while also working toward a sustainable future. We’ve introduced several free and low-cost programs for our customers that make it easy to increase energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, without affecting rates for the greater community.

We want to highlight a few of our programs that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, not because we are required to, but because we do what is right for you, our customers. You can learn more about these programs and our other sustainability efforts here.

New: Friendly City Solar

Residential customers can opt-in and have a portion of their home’s energy covered by solar power, generated locally at the new Acorn Solar Farm.

Paperless Billing

Manage your account and pay bills online while conserving natural resources.

Energy Save & Earn Rebate

Customers can receive a rebate for installing qualified energy star appliances in their home.

Energy Audits

Receive an in-home visual inspection to identify possible areas of energy loss, with recommendations on ways to make the home more energy efficient.

Low-Income Weatherization

A free program administered by Community Housing Partners (CHP) that delivers no-cost energy efficiency services to income-qualifying households.

Car Charging Stations

We have 3 Level II Electric Car Charging Stations that are available for public use free of charge.

Net Metering

This program allows customers to receive a credit for a portion of their own power generated from solar panels.

We hope you will continue to support us as we work to serve the needs of everyone in our community. Find more information about our sustainability efforts and programs here.