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Energy Audits & Weatherization

A great way to reduce electricity costs is to make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. To help with this, HEC has partnered with CHP Energy Solutions to provide free weatherization for low-income households. If you don't qualify for free weatherization, HEC offers free home energy audits for all Harrisonburg residents regardless of income.

Low-Income Weatherization

The Low-Income Weatherization program is designed to help qualifying residential customers save energy and money while making homes more comfortable, safe, and healthy. This free program is administered by Community Housing Partners (CHP) Energy Solutions and uses federal grants and supplemental funds from Harrisonburg Electric Commission to deliver no-cost energy efficiency services to income-qualifying households. CHP is a Christiansburg, Virginia-based nonprofit with over 40 years of experience implementing the federal Weatherization Assistance Program.

This program includes:

  • Home energy audit
  • Health & safety check
  • LED light bulbs
  • Attic, floor, and sidewall insulation
  • Water tank and hot water pipe insulation
  • Caulking, weather-stripping, duct sealing
  • Tune-ups to heating & cooling systems
  • Other repairs
CHP Weatherization and Energy Solutions unloading equipment from a truck
HEC employee reviewing home energy audit with Harrisonburg resident in their kitchen

Home Energy Audit

An energy audit is a home inspection used to identify ways of conserving energy and increasing comfort.

The audit consists of an in-home visual inspection to identify ways of conserving energy and increasing comfort. The assessment includes an inspection using a thermal imaging camera to help identify possible areas of energy loss. After the inspection, we will offer recommendations to make the home more energy efficient and to decrease usage.

This service is available to our residential homeowners with electric heat or an electric heat pump.

Questions? Call Our Engineering Department at (540) 217-2234 or visit us at 89 West Bruce Street.