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Understanding Your Bill

Use the alphabetical list of terms below to better understand the contents of your HEC bill.

Account Information

Information specific to your account. You will see budget and draft information here along with other account-specific messages.

Account Name

Account holder and other responsible party names.

Account Number

For faster service, always have your account number ready when contacting us.

Amount Paid

You can specify the amount of the payment enclosed. May display draft if account is on auto-draft program. May display credit if the account has a credit balance.

Billing Description

Actual or estimate based on meter readings.

Due Date

Payment date for most recent bill. To avoid late fees, pay by this date. If balance forward exists, service may be disconnected at any time.

Message Center

Important announcements appearing routinely.

Meter Multiplier

Assigned to meter when service is set. Can be one or higher.

Meter Number

Meter number assigned to the service location.

Meter Readings

Last month’s reading.

The most recent meter reading.

No. Days

Number of days in a reading period.

Power Cost Adj. Factor

Factor used to calculate power cost. KWH usage multiplied by factor will display as a line item on the bill.

Rate Code

Rate schedule used for calculating the bill. (See rate schedule for more detail.)

Reading Period

Date of previous reading.

Date of present meter reading.

Service Location

Location where electricity was actually used.

Total Due

Total amount due on account. If a budget customer, this will be the budget amount due.

Type Service

Type of service at this location.


The previous meter reading subtracted from the present meter reading and multiplied by the meter multiplier.

Usage History

Days of service and usage for the past 13 months.