Landlord Service Agreement Terms and Conditions

The undersigned customer further agrees, as long as the utility service is in the tenant’s name, the tenant reserves the right to have their service disconnected at any time. The service will automatically be transferred to the landlord’s name at time of notification for discontinuance of service from tenant.

Any lease and/or other disagreements are solely between the landlord and tenant. If tenant is disconnected for non-payment or non-renewal of their JMU UDAP contract, service will remain disconnected until all past due monies and collection fees are paid or until HEC is notified by landlord to reinstate service in landlord’s name.

If ownership of this property is transferred to a new owner, then HEC must be notified of such transfer. It is your responsibility to notify HEC and advise us to discontinue the landlord program. Failure to do this means you will be held responsible for any bills that accrue.

If balance due for service during which time it was in the landlord’s name remains unpaid, account will be sent to a collection agency for processing and all properties will be removed from the program.

The termination of this agreement shall require 60 days written notification. If the undersigned customer terminates this agreement, it will be one year before they can be reinstated.

This landlord service agreement shall become the binding contract for electric service when signed by customer.