How do you decide who gets their power back first?
Our first priority is to make repairs to our substations, transmission lines and the main distribution lines.  Our focus will be to make repairs that result in the most people having power restored.  After that, we will work on smaller individual areas and customers.

Why does my neighbor have power and I don't?
If everyone around you has power, the problem may be specific to your house.  Check your main breaker inside as well as the meter for any disconnect lever that may have been flipped off.  If these are not the problem, then power to your house could be fed from a different power line than your neighbor or you could be on a different circuit.

What should I do if I have special needs?
First, make sure you have documentation on file with us so that we are aware of your needs.  However, in the event of a severe outage it could take hours or days to restore your power.  Should you feel in danger, please go to the hospital as they will have generators and be able to assist you.

Who is responsible for removing a tree that has fallen and taken out the service line to my house?
We maintain a very aggressive tree trimming project for limbs/trees that are in the primary high voltage lines.  However, we do not trim trees that are in the secondary lines (the lines that go from the pole to your house).  It is up to the homeowner to trim these trees and to remove them in the event of storm damage.  This is also true of any tree that falls as a result of Mother Nature.  HEC will only remove debris when cut for routine maintenance.

Who is responsible for the lost food and/or damaged appliances?
You will need to file a claim with your insurance company.

Do you know I have lost power even if I don't call to report it?
No, please call us as soon as possible after your lights go out.  Never assume someone else has called.  You may be the only one affected or your neighbors may be making the same assumption.