Deposit Requirements

Deposit Requirements for New Residential Customers

  • Option 1. Deposit of $100 minimum, $300.00 maximum, based on highest 2 months usage:  Deposit must be paid within 10 business days of applying for service. We do not accept installment payments on security deposits. Deposits are applied to the account with interest after one year of service if the customer has established a good credit rating. If the service is disconnected before the deposit is refunded, the deposit is applied toward the final bill. Any remaining amount will be refunded to the customer.
  • Option 2. Credit Reference: The customer may contact a previous electric utility or Harrisonburg Water Department and ask them to send HEC a credit reference. Their service must have been within the past year, have lasted at least 12 months, and have no more than two late payments.  Credit reference must be received within 10 business days of applying for service.
  • Option 3. Previous Service with HEC: If the customer had service with HEC within the last twelve months and has a good credit rating with HEC, no additional deposit will be required.
  • Option 4. UDAP Contract (for JMU students only): James Madison University students may join the Utility Deposit Assistance Program (UDAP). You must purchase a UDAP contract at JMU before contacting HEC to apply for service. The contract is valid for the current school year and expires on July 31st EACH YEAR. Students who do not renew their contracts by July 31st will be billed a deposit of $300. You must provide the contract number and name as displayed on the UDAP contract when applying for service.  The electric account must be in the name of the UDAP contract holder.