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Google Chrome Users: Please refer to the news section below for assistance in accessing your account.

AMI Implementation

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of meters, communication networks and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and their metering devices. Currently, HEC uses an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system that is limited to one-way communication from the meter to the meter reading device.  This device collects a limited amount of consumption data to be used for calculating monthly bills.  The AMI System that we have chosen has the latest technology incorporated into its functionality that will allow us to provide services that are expected by our customers.  Examples of which include on demand reads, estimation of bills, daily and hourly energy use and flexibility by remotely connecting and disconnecting accounts.  The availability of the daily and hourly energy data will allow HEC and you, the customer, to look at usage patterns that will help identify ways to conserve energy and verify results of conservation efforts.  In addition to the many customer benefits, the AMI system will allow HEC to operate its system more efficiently and identify potential service issues proactively such as customer outages or voltage issues without making a service call.

AMI Deployment

The Harrisonburg Electric Commission is pleased to announce that the pilot program for the evaluation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) has been completed and we are moving forward toward full implementation.  Over the next several weeks we will be replacing existing HEC meters in your neighborhood with an upgraded version.  With the new meters in place, and using RF communications technology for remote connect/disconnect and for remote reading, you will be able to view your consumption history at various intervals down to the hour, through your online account, to aid in your energy conservation efforts and to provide you the level of service that you have come to expect.  If there is a problem with your service, it can be diagnosed quickly from our office to determine if it is a supply issue (HEC) or if it is a customer issue (such as a tripped breaker) to reduce the amount of time that you are affected.  If an outage does occur that affects your service, we will be notified immediately and, if necessary, have a technician in route prior to receiving your call.  All of the above translates into significantly fewer truck rolls and opportunities for us as well as you, our customer, to reduce our carbon footprints.

As we prepare to upgrade your meter, we would ask that you remove any items that are stored in or around this area or trim any shrubs that may prevent us from full access to the meter and meter base.  It will not be necessary for anyone to be home, however, a brief service interruption will be needed to change out the meter.  We will place a notification on your front door knob to let you know a day ahead of when the meter change out is scheduled.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding and please feel free to call our office at (540) 434-5361 with any questions.  Projected dates for installation in your neighborhood will be posted on our website.

April 2018 Changeout Schedule
Middlebrook St Kingston Ct
Central Ave Sharon St
Amherst Ct Perry St
Emery St Hope St
Laurel St Tamela Ct
W Market St Stonechris Dr
Clara Ct Westfield Ct
Shenstone Dr Crestridge Ct
Brookside Pl Stoneleigh Dr
Lendale Ln Park Lawn Dr
Calina Ct Sherry Ln
Springside Dr Fox Ln
Evergreen Dr Switchboard Rd
Rorrer Cir Garbers Church Rd
Sunny Acres Ln Rhianon Ln
Leonard Ct Glanzer Ct
Bald Eagle Cir Heritage Estates Cir
S High St Russell Dr
Starlight Ct Bartlett Ct
Pear St Hidden Creek Ln
S Dogwood Dr Queen Anne Ct
Virginia Ave Mt Clinton Pike
Parkwood Dr Acorn Dr
Red Oak St Industry Ct
Royal Ct Sharon Ln
Parkway Dr Hillcrest Dr
College Ave W Dogwood Dr
Park Rd Smith Ave
Village Sq Two Penny Dr
S Liberty St Lewis St
S Main St W Bruce St
Court Sq W Water St