Sign-up for Friendly City Solar

  • Residential customers can purchase renewable energy in 50 kWh blocks, up to 50% of their average monthly usage.
  • The cost of each 50 kWh block is $5.75, which is only $1.50 more than the current cost for 50 kWh of electricity through HEC. Pricing will be fixed for the customer for 25 years.
  • Customers who subscribe at the maximum level will pay on average an additional $180/year to be 50% renewable (based on an average usage of 1,000 kWh/month).
  • Fuel charges are not applied to the block of solar energy on the customer’s bill, but consumption taxes are applied to all energy consumed.
    • Ex. If your monthly usage is 1000 kwh and you subscribe to 5 solar energy blocks, you will only be charged for fuel on 750 kwh of electricity
  • The minimum contract term is one year and will automatically renew unless the customer requests a change.
  • Upon the Customer’s request, subscriptions to the solar program can transfer to a new address if they move within HEC’s service area.
  • Customers minimum billed usage will be for the subscribed amount, regardless of metered usage.