Key Personnel

For more than 60 years, the employees of Harrisonburg Electric Commission have worked to provide the greatest quality of electrical service to the citizens and businesses of Harrisonburg.

HEC's success is based largely on experienced employees, a commitment to training, and state-of-the-art equipment that enhances job performance.

Meet our key personnel:

Brian D. O'Dell
General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for implementing all policies and procedures as established by the Commission. Additionally, the General Manager is responsible for negotiating and overseeing long-term power supply contracts to ensure reliable sources of power at competitive prices.

Managers of each of the departments are responsible for a variety of activities within their areas of expertise to help ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and reliable electrical service.

Zach Nyce

Manager of Engineering

Cecil Ward

Superintendent of Construction and Operations

Don M. Bowers


J. Scott Dillard

Manager of Metering and Substation Operations

Jarrett Clem

Manager of Generation Operations

Michael A. Fawley

Manager of Customer Service and Data Processing